Vivo Y33S Handset – Highlighted Features


The all new Vivo Y33S is a powerful device boasting a powerful feature set and an attractive design. Powered by a 1 GHz processor and equipped with 4.3-inch touchscreen, the stylish Android smartphone offers high-definition video viewing and playing. The high definition camera with auto focus is also an impressively feature packed smartphone. Users can easily snap photos and shoot video clips with the help of the handy microphone which comes as standard on the handset. The stunning camera provides users with high quality video recording at crystal-clear quality. The user interface and other features of the handset are comparable to many high end smartphones available in the market. vivo y33s

Gallery shortcut – The handset comes with a unique feature known as the gallery shortcut which offers quick access to your existing favourites, contacts, emails and videos. Just like other smart phones, which allow you to add your own favourites, the Vivo Y33S allows you to quickly add these items to the pre-loaded list. Just like any other android smartphone, the Vivo Y33S allows you to take multiple images and then collectively create a photo book. The facility allows you to share the images using email, IM or MMS. The primary camera of the handset comes as standard with an eight-megapixel primary lens which is adequate for video recording purposes.

Storage capacity The Vivo Y33S comes with a memory capacity of ROM 3GB and offers adequate storage space for digital files. The phone features a spacious internal memory which allows you to store videos, pictures and large audio files without any problem. The phone has a generous storage capacity, which can be enhanced with an external card and an internal memory card. The increase in storage size is primarily noticeable when you start adding more files, such as text messages, pictures and music. The video 5G is also capable of storing numerous applications across multiple installed applications.

Rear camera The rear camera of the Vivo Y33S features an eight megapixel camera, which is sufficient for taking good pictures. The resolution on this camera is quite low, although, it is still above the norm. The lack of optical zoom in the rear camera may affect image quality when you are taking zoomed photographs in certain conditions. However, the lack of optical zoom should not deter you from buying this smartphone as many modern smartphones come with optical zoom. The camera has a color filter wheel, which offers a wide gamut of color conversions.

Video recording The handset features a one-megapixel video recorder which can record videos at up to fifty minutes long. This makes it ideal for holiday snaps and self-help videos. The vivo y33s features both still and video images, although, it is capable of displaying only the first at a time. Despite this, the video recording feature works extremely well and is one of the highlights of the handset. If you want to record several videos, the phone can hold up to five hundred movies.

Storage The built-in storage capacity of the five y33s comes in the form of a virtual ram. This virtual memory comes in handy if you want to transfer large files. Since the phone comes with an unlocked SIM card, you can insert other cards to increase the storage. In addition to the virtual memory, the handset also comes with a generous 1GB of internal memory. The built-in camera also allows you to add an external flash drive or an external microphone which will increase your video recording capabilities.


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